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  CNN    Early Start    News/Business. John Berman, Zoraida Sambolin.  
   The latest breaking news and trending stories.  

    November 4, 2013
    2:00 - 3:01am PST  

in actuality, i only should have gotten paid for three tubs. but since they can't pay you below minimum wage, i got the minimum wage adjustment which is $65.47. this is probably one of the hardest jobs i've ever done in my life. yeah. \s an nfl head coach collapsing in the middle of last night's
game. how is he doing? i'm christine romans. zoraida sambolin has the day off. >> i'm john berman. it is monday, november 4th and 5:00 a.m. in the east. up first a cnn exclusive. a shooting that paralyzed one of the major airports and terrorized travelers and shined a new light on the issue of airport security. now a woman who knows the alleged l.a.x. shooting is giving us a look inside his mind in the hours leading up to friday's deadly rampage. she says the suspected gunman paul ciancia had a roommate carry out his murderous plot. here is more from miguel marques. >> reporter: days before ciancia's crime. >> he asked one of the roommates if he could have a ride to the airport. >> reporter: why did he need a ride? >> his dad was sick and he
needed to deal with family issues. >> reporter: did anyone see a ticket? >> no. >> reporter: he says ciancia rarely moved his apartment since moving here in january describing him as awkward and heavily smoker the day he put his alleged plan into action, she says, it took his roommate by surprise. >> that morning, he doesn't knock. just opens the door and says, i need to leave. can you take me now? >> reporter: his roommate believes this is when he texted family members in new jersey telling them he was going to commit suicide and that prompted frantic calls between police in new jersey and l.a. police came to ciancia's home. he has a bag, gets in the car and off they go and a short time later, a knock at the door? >> yes. >> reporter: police? >> police. >> reporter: why the police there? >> they heard that paul was suicidal and needed to go a welfare check on him. >> reporter: she said the other two roommates were woken.
he says ciancia took his weapon and hopped out of his roommate's car at l.a.x. and began seeking out tsa agents to kill. did he ever express any hatred toward the government, toward the tsa? >> all of the findings that came out this year that he was very upset about it and he also thought that tsa aabused their power. >> reporter: cnn confirmed this picture is legitimate. pa paul ciancia is hit twice. he is wearing no special clothing and looks like any other traveler. >> at the moment they are seeing this on the tv, the third roommate comes back. i just dropped off paul at l.a.x. and he had to go home. they said i think you you just dropped paul off to a shooting. breaking overnight. a college student rescued after
spending two terrifying days trapped between two buildings. he was found between his dorm building and the garage. the space two feet wide. firefighters had to break through a wall to get to him. >> his legs were crossing and he was moving his right arm. >> they would never have found him for who knows how long and he would be dead by now. >> reporter: the 19-year-old is in stable condition this morning. it's not clear how he got stuck in there but it's believed he fell out of a fifth floor window. >> what on earth happened there? >> i don't know. a lot of people asking what happened last night. a frightening scene at the end of the first half of last night's nfl game between the houston texans and the indianapolis colts. look there. you can see texans coach gary kubiak collapsing as he was walking off the field. gub yak kubiak is just 52. he was wheeled off on a cart and taken to a local hospital. the team says he did not suffer a heart attack. he is said to be conscious and alert.
he is a former backup nfl quarterback and in good shape but under a lot of pressure as an nfl head coach and a terrifying scene last night. hk says she is in no hurry about running for president in twix. but chuck schumer endorsed clinton during a speech last night more than two years before the state's presidential caucuses. >> it's time for a woman to be president and so tonight here in iowa, i won't get this opportunity again! i am urging hillary clinton to run for president! and when she does, she will have my full and unwavering support! >> schumer went on to say with clinton, the party can, quote, the tea party republicans in
2016. no one will be able to sign up on the health care website. this as mitt romney takes a shot at his former rival. romney behind a similar health care plan in massachusetts says that president obama failed to learn from the mistakes of massachusetts and, worse, sold the plan under false pretenses. the whole thing, romney says, is rotting away the president's second term. the senate is expected to vote today on enda the employment nondiscrimination act based on sexual orientation or gender identity. the first time in u.s. history they voted on this. if they approve the pressure a final senate vote could come on wednesday. a terrifying moment in the skies over wisconsin. two planes carrying sky divers for a formation jump this weekend, these two planes collided in mid air.
one of the planes crashed. now, all 11 sky drivers managed to jump to safety. two of them did suffer minor injuries. the pilot of the plane that went down was badly bloodied and appeared to hurt his hand. he is doing okay today. imagine that. two planes collide and everyone doing okay. >> that is amazing. they all had chutes because they were going to do a jump but still a crash is not what you expect to do when you do a formation. let's get a quick check of the forecast. karen, happy monday to you. good morning. >> good morning to you in new york. and i hope you're enjoying the nice brisk weather that we do have across the northeast and new england. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees below where they should be but a nice warming trend taking place. but what is going to be quiet, it is going to be fairly brisk. take a look what is happening for this afternoon. for monday in new york
temperatures in the upper 40s and by the afternoon the temperatures drop down where they should be this time of the year. in boston 31. typically, the morning temperatures around 41 degrees. in temperatures in the 30s in new york city. should be around 45 degrees. very brisk morning to start out across the midwest as well as temperatures come out of the east and the northeast it could be occasionally gusty. up to 25 miles per hour or even higher. there is a weather system that is going to be tracking across the central united states. as it does we will see much colder air moving in behind it so watch out for that. we could see a little bit of ice across the central u.s. as well. we will be back in about 20 minutes. back to you. >> our thanks to karen for that. it was a cold race for the runners in the new york marathon. 26.2 miles, five boroughs and
42,000 runners. it was nice to see the marathon back. it was canceled last year because of hurricane sandy. the winners in the men's and women's division were kenyans. a special shout out to tatiana mcfadden who finished first in the women's wheelchair marathon. this is her fourth marathon win this year and she finished first in boston, london, chicago, so she has kind won the grand slam of marathons this year so congratulations to her. >> glad to have that marathon back after last year cancellation because of hurricane sandy. what rob ford is saying after a video appears to show him smoking a crack pipe. people finding out the hard way they are not getting what they paid for. plus, it is time for your morning rhyme. tweet us with your own original verse. it can be about anything.
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huh the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on entertainment, with no annual fee. go to new developments this morning in the scandal surrounding the toronto mayor rob ford who is apologizing he has made mistakes after a video shows him what appears to be smoking a crack pipe. the toronto mayor isn't specific what he is apologizing ford but he is making it clear he will not step down. >> reporter: after months of bombshell headlines alleging crack cocaine abuse and erratic behavior it is what rob ford had to say on his radio show on sunday that had everyone listening. >> friends i am the first one to admit, i am not perfect. i have made mistakes. i have made mistakes and all i
can do right now is apologize for the mistakes. >> we have gathered the evidence. >> reporter: in a news conference last thursday, toronto's police chief said they have video what appears to be the mayor smoking from a glass pipe. ford has repeatedly denied using crack since the allegation surfaced in may. on sunday he said that video should be made public. >> whatever this video shows, folks, toronto residents deserve to see it and people need to judge for themselves what they see on this video. >> reporter: mayor ford was also featured prominently in more than 460-page police investigation into gang activity. the report important as much for what it says about the mayor as what it doesn't say, page after page about ford's alleged drug abuse redacted but there were photos, including one of ford in front of what police say is a crack house with three men alleged to be gang members. surveillance video also showed questionable behavior. the mayor seen with his onetime
driver who has since been arrested on extortion charges readily to the video that alleges to show ford using crack cocaine. ford hasn't been charged with anything himself but he has become the butt of jokes. >> hey, he! don't judge him! maybe he is cleaning up the city! by smoking all of the crack in it! >> reporter: now the mayor is taking responsibility. even if he is quite not ready to say why he is apologizing. >> there is no one to blame but myself and i take full responsibility for it. i want to move forward. but i also know to move forward, i have to make changes in my life, which i can assure you that i will do. i love the work i do and i'm going to keep doing it.
>> how do you take responsibility if you don't admit to what it is you're taking responsibility for? >> a very good point. i think the politician should enter a blanket policy before they interoffice i'm sorry for my actions. >> toronto is a city that deserves a leader to focus on what is best for toronto. this has been a very long, long running scandal and sounds like he is staying in until next october. >> he denied this a long time and now sort of maybe admitting it. we will see. 16 after the hour. a bitter pill for people who use herbal supplements. a $5 billion a year industry with little government oversight. now new dna testing conducted by canadian researchers that the pills are more than cheap fillers like powder and rice and weed. one pill showed no trace of the supplement advertised at all.
no trace at all! walmart getting a giant head start on the holidays and offering bargain basement deals normally reserved for black friday or cybermonday a month earlier this usual. walmart marched a slate of online offers the day after halloween. there are six fewer shopping days this year between thanksgiving and christmas and led other big chains like macy's and jcpenney with deals. there is also retailers grappling with these smaller food stamp checks which means 15% of american families have less money to spend overall over the holidays. they are all watching to see how that is going to play out for them. >> crazy. an extraordinary move by the nfl sunday. the miami dolphins suspending a player indefinitely after allegations that he bullied a teammate. miami dolphins guard ritchie incognito is reportedly under investigation by the league. jonathan martin left the team
abruptly last week and made a formal indicati aal accusation. the alleged harassment dates back to last season. the fact of the matter is if bullying happened, it shows it can happen anywhere. can be with the biggest men on the planet. a rally for the red sox fans this week gave a couple a wedding date. they were trying to get to the church on time but the parade and hundreds of thousands of people were blocking their way so they had no choice. joining the world series celebration in their gown and tux. the bride says the players in the duck boats took notice and so did the fans and the police. they were getting shout-outs and fist pumps and handshakes and police took out the barricades for them. >> the wedding was a memorial cool part of our day. everyone at the reception couldn't stop talking about it and we are huge fans so it was so cool and, yeah, i put on my flats and hiked up my dress and
i was having the best time ever! >> needless to say stephanie and matt made it to the church on time with a really great story. now a question for john. is anybody from boston not a huge red sox fan? >> no, we all are. or else we have to leave. >> we're huge fans. >> i think that people have their priorities in check there. parade first and marriage second. just no question about it. sorry, but congratulations to them but more so to the red sox. coming up, a backup nfl quarterback. this is a backup threw seven touchdown passes! seven! what does the coach do now when the first-string quarterback is healthy? the answers are coming up in "the bleacher report" with joe carter. [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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this is a game a quarterback will never forget. philadelphia eagles backup qb nick foles, seven touchdown passes, that is one game, tying an nfl record. the big question now is what will the coach do when the starter comes back? joe carter is here with "the bleacher report." >> i just don't know, guys. i really don't know what chip kelly is going to do. i guess if nick foles goes out next week and he beats a good team like the green bay packers then we might have a quarterback controversy in philadelphia but nick foles is in that starting role because michael vick injured his hamstring a few weeks back and foles said he has thrown seven touchdown passes in a game before, but it was in a
video game. now keep in mind he only played three-quarters yesterday and he could have broken the all-time touchdown record but coach kelly decided to pull him because they were beating the raiders by 36 points. now he is just a second-year player and he joins a list of only five other quarterbacks in nfl history to throw seven touchdown passes in one nfl game. texans coach gary kubiak was walking off the field for halftime last night. the team says he became lied headed and dizzy and caused him to collapse. he's in a houston hospital in stable condition this morning and cnn's ed lavandera is going to have much more on this story thorough the morning. in the game between the texans and the colts, indianapolis was down by 18 points in the third quarter and andrew luck rallied them back and scoring 21 unanswered points. luck is making a habit of late game heroics. he has ten game winning drives in fourth quarter or overtime in his career.
colts win. the kansas city chiefs are 9-0! best record in the nfl. they beat the buffalo bills yesterday without scoring a single touchdown on offense, but who cares when your defense can score two touchdowns? you know the chiefs were the worst team in the nfl last season. they won just two games. it's been an improbable turnaround. they have now won nine in a row. their best start in ten years. now the chiefs look ahead to a nice bye week, guys. and then they will be tested because people have said, well, the kansas city chiefs to a 9-0 start and haven't played anybody yet and haven't beat any good teams. they play the denver broncos twice in three weeks so we will see. >> it's hard to beat them twice in three weeks but 9-0 is impressive and no one guessed that. coming up for us next, edward snowden manifest tow of truth is what he is calling it. he is ghademanding the u.s. dro espionage charges against him and why he is suggesting he is
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shocking new details this morning as we learn more about the alleged l.a.x. gunman and the bizarre behavior that had his friends and family in a panic. why edward snowden is demanding all of the charges against him be dropped. a 6-year-old boy attacked by a shark. continuously trying to pull this little guy under the water and
how two bystanders were able to save him with only seconds to spare. >> thank goodness they did. welcome back. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans in for zoraida sambolin. 29 minutes past the hour. a suspected gunman who killed a tsa agent in l.a.x. last year plotted this rampage allegedly for days. a woman who knows paul ciancia saying he told his roommate he would need a ride to the airport because his father was sick. she describes ciancia as a recluse. edward snowden i should a manifesto of truth on sunday. he says he has performed an important public service igniting an international debate about governmental snooping. he says the u.s. should drop the
espionage charges against him. the white house is now firing back. diana is in moscow with that. >> the manifesto of truth edward snowden says he has done the world a public service and brought the unchecked mass surveillance into society's demand and the hands of the global citizenship. he singles out the gchq is the british equivalent as the worst offenders of criminal activity by the agency and says some governments have engaged in a witch hunt to try to suppress journalists or people who want to expose the activities of these kind of agencies. i'll read you out a quote from that editorial. he says the debate they wanted to avoid is now taking place in countries around the world and instead of causing damage, the use of this new public knowledge is causing society to push for
political reforms oversight and new laws. this follows, obviously, a meeting ed last week with a german lawmaker where he basically told him he wanted to testify before u.s. congress, but that he wanted to see the charges of felony in the u.s. dropped. christine? >> how is the u.s. responding to this, diana? >> not particularly well. the white house hasn't issued any kind of formal response yet but there have been some voices out there who have said this won't happen and it's unacceptable what he has done. let's take a listen. >> he had an opportunity, if what he was was a whistle-blower to pick up the phone and call the house intelligence committee, the senate intelligence committee and say, look, i have some information you ought to see. that didn't happen. and now he's done this enormous disservice to our country and i think the answer is no clemency.
>> reporter: one of the conditions for edward snowden's asylum here in russia as per president putin is he doesn't disclose any more information that could further damage u.s. interests and there are calls for him to testify in germany and he is saying, i'd like to testify but only if you grant me asylum and the germans aren't very keen that. he's in a very tricky situation here. russia, as a whole, as a state, doesn't really marry with his values of sort of open government without any kind of surveillance but for now, this is where he is stuck. christine? >> a bit of irony that he is in russia trying with his manifesto. thank you, diana muriel. a punk band member has gone missing. she was to be transferred on october 21st but her husband and family say they have not received any information about her whereabouts since then. the 23-year-old musician was sentenced to prison after
insulting russian president vladimir putin last year. a texas woman is recovering this morning after a brutal attack by an army soldier. rachel pool was nine months pregnant and video yo chatting had we are husband justin poole who is deployed overseas when her attacker corey moss stabbed and beat her while her husband watched help leslie on the other end from asia. rachel managed to call 911 and taken to a hospital in critical condition and successfully delivering a baby girl. >> ab shabaab is failing at home but now lashing out beyond its borders. in september its gunmen attacked a shopping mall in kenya killing 67 people and within weeks the navy s.e.a.l.s which killed osama bin laden set out to capture the terrorist but failed. the twist? the terrorist rise was virtually
enabled by the u.s. nic robertson has a cnn exclusi exclusive. >> known as a creamer he rocketed as a terror threat in a few years and did it with the help of the cia. cnn can reveal how and why they even hooked him up with al qaeda in yemen before they tried to kill him. >> i was offered a million danish which is occurrencesy of $200,000 if i could lead the americans to kill him. >> reporter: stal, a former danish biker turned double agent said he was working undercover when he met ikrima. >> i met him in 2008 in nairobi. i was working on a mission from the british and american agents. >> reporter: the cia? >> the cia and the british five.
>> reporter: ikrima was not a fighter. was to rise through al shabaab ranks with the help of storm's intelligence agencies he worked for. this is one of the places they used to meet, a shopping mall in the heart of nairobi, nondescript hotel tucked away inside. storm, he says, handing over material to ikrima, material he says that intelligence officials knew all about. >> he had been asking me for money. he had been asking me for equipment and i had been giving him what he asked for. >> reporter: why? >> that to gather intelligence information and to maintain our network in somalia. >> reporter: this essentially builds him up because he has money he can provide? >> that's right. >> reporter: money and equipment wasn't all storm gave ikrima. he was introducing two major al qaeda franchises. >> this is ikrima since the 23rd of february, 2010, where -- and
where our rookie is asking me to pass on an e-mail to ikrima. >> reporter: these e-mails and dozens of others, storm says, evidence he connected ikrima to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and to al locky killed in a drone strike last year. he says ikrima and aulaqi were planning attacks. >> they agreed to send people from somalia to receive the training and they would arrange the traveling to the west. that would be for terrorist attacks over there. >> reporter: storm lost touch with ikrima last year when he retired from spying. but he blames intelligence services for building him up and leaving him at large to perhaps be involved in the kenya shopping mall attack. >> i could really frustrated to know that ikrima had been maybe
involved in westgate's terrorist attack and also is a high rank person within that organization, it frustrates me a lot, so -- >> reporter: because he could have been stopped? >> he could have been stopped. >> reporter: stopped, if western intelligence had fully understood who they were dealing with. nic robertson, cnn, nairobi, kenya. >> our thanks to nic for that report. the cia has declined to comment on this story to cnn. a cirque du soleil performer has been hospitaled and he was performing in the wheel of death act and friday night he slipped and fell off the wheel. the show was stopped. the performer taken to an area hospital where he is listed in stable condition. they pulled the curtain quickly and then the show did go on. a check on the weather with karen maginnis live in atlanta
weather center. >> if you're wondering how cold it feels like oueds it feels like in the 20s and 30s which is way below where we should be this time of the year. buffalo 25 degrees and syracuse 24 and montpelier is 16 degrees! you go a little bit further toward the east and the temperatures in the 30s but these are a good 5 to 10 degrees below where it should be for this time of year. albany should be around 24. for this particular day we would see temperatures around 41 degrees when you wake up in the morning. into the southeast where temperatures took a nose dive the last several days but we will start to see them increase as we go through the workweek. atlanta 43 and looks nice at the hartsfield-jackson airport. you may have gotten up early enough in the morning on sunday to see the hybrid partial lunar
eclipse or solar eclipse. this is out of new jersey. the reason why you don't see a total eclipse is typically you would see all of the moon and the earth and the sun would all be aligned but they weren't. but essentially it looks like it was just a nick out of the sun. so we didn't see a total eclipse but they did in the southern hemisphere. >> songs about a partial eclipse of the heart. did you ever notice that? a horrifying scene at the denver nuggets and portland trail blazers game. there is the mascot rocky being lord to the floor from the ceiling and he looks limp because he was. he had fainted but eventually walked under his own power. >> what a weird night between
the mascot and cirque du soleil and the nfl head coaches. >> it's hot in that mask. how the united states is treating detained terror suspects. is the cia and department of defense using doctors to torture inmates? a terrifying attack at a south florida beach. how two strangers helped save the life of a 6-year-old boy who was about to be pulled under again by a five-foot shark. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion,
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breaking overnight. nyu student rescued from really tight spot. 19-year-old asher von tag spent nearly two days trapped between a dorm building and a garage. the space he is trapped in is two feet wide. it's believed he fell out of a fifth floor window and got wedged in this somehow. firefighters had to break through a wall to rescue him. >> he was on his side. he was moving his right arm. >> they would not have found him for who knows how long and he
probably would be dead right now. >> von tu is in stable condition this morning. very lucky. one person killed, several others injure inside a church bus crash in indiana. local affiliate reports a passenger car ran a reltd light and slammed into this bus carrying 18 passengers including 14 children. officials confirm the bus driver died in the crash. the driver of the car reportedly fled the scene but later caught. police say alcohol may have played a role. 6-year-old alabama boy lucky to be alive this morning after a shark clamped down on his leg and tried to drag him under the water. logan hanley's parents heard the screams and they were trying pull their son and the shark apart. luckily there were people nearby. two strangers. they jumped into action and punched the shark's head repeatedly until it let go of the little boy. logan is doing okay after getting five deep puncture wounds and they are all stitched up. >> i guess the right thing to do. the punch the shark in the
snout. >> i guess. quite a disturbance at o'hare's airport in chicago. airport police laughed when they got the call figuring it was a prank but they weren't laughing when they saw the little gator's teeth and an officer trapped him by placing a trash can over him and no one was sure how he got there. he was late for his flight, you know? >> it's o'hare. it's crazy there. no connections to o'hare. >> if you're in the terminal and you have to get to another terminal, you're in trouble. let's see what is coming up on "new day." >> i almost spit out my coffee. good morning! >> we need something to warm us up in here. it's cold in the studio this morning! we have an exclusive interview with a woman who knew the alleged l.a.x. shooter. important. why? there are details about what happened the morning of the attack and also how the crime may have been plotted days in advance. remember, we are always trying to learn from these situations and figure out why this happened and we are talking to a couple
who was at l.a.x., saw the entire thing unfold. we are also digging into allegations of bullying in the nfl. more specifically the miami dolphins. one player has left the team honestly just walked off. another has now been suspended. some are saying that the macho posture in football has gone too far. but what is really going on here? we are going take a look at it this morning. lots to talk about. just a fascinating story. i want to know more about that. >> watch the show. >> they thought it was hazing or thought it was okay or part of the culture? >> a lot of questions and not a lot of information, i have to say. the washington monument is going dark. it's covered with decorative lights since july while workers fixed instructor cracks caused about the the earthquake in 2007. the lights are removed. scaffolding will be taken down next wem. the monument is expected to reopen to the public next
spring. >> that will be welcomed for sure. time for our morning rhyme. the best tweet of the day comes from dana church lady who writes roses are blue and violets are blue and i got an extra hour of sleep this weekend and why do i feel like -- you can see it there on the screen. you can come up with your own tweet any time. send us your morning rhyme. >> answer to her room is why you feel that way, my dear? because it is still monday. the beginning of the week. >> can't get past that. >> but thanks for rhyming with us. an arrest in the attempted kidnapping of an 8-year-old colorado girl. how police say they were able to find a suspect so quickly. plus the markets. wow. on a record run this year. with two months to go before the end of the year, i'm going to tell you why the upward trend may not be over yet! >> there is more to come? oh, wow. >> yes, we will see. i'll tell you in a minute. n min
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welcome back. it's "money time" berman. i'm sr. christine romans. good morning. i got a good morning for you. stock futures up across the board. if the market trend continues, we are likely to finish the year with the biggest annual gain since 1997. that is if there is nothing that mucks it up. right now looking at a pretty outstanding scoreboard for the year. dow up 19% for the year to date and nasdaq is up 30%. last s&p had bigger returns first ten months. the s&p has gained in november more than 60% of the time the past 30 minutes. number two, december has the second best returns for any month the past 80 years. the calendar on your side. number three, investors poured $10 billion into equity funds in the final days of october and you have the makings of a rally when put together.
investors feel the federal reserve is likely to hold off on scaling back its stimulus until some time next year. the other big story i'm watching this week is the most anticipated public offering of the year is twitter. it begins trading on thursday and comes at a good time for ipos. companies entering the market up 15%. that is the initial sort of target range of the company trading at $17 to $20. you won't be able to buy it at that price. why? the initial investment go to investors and sometimes it pays to wait. i want to show you two recent social offerings. first, facebook. the biggest ipo tech ever was one of the biggest flops and debuted at 38 bucks a share and three months later get it half the price. you didn't need to rush into that. today trade for three times is low. it paid to wait on facebook. linkedin another one a smoother first day. the company priced shares at 45
bucks and opened at 83 and fell below 60. seven months later trading above $200 a share. i wanted you to know why everybody is talking about twitter this week. a lot of a lot of people are saying twitter will skyrocket on the open and no one knows for sure but recent history shows it pays to wait. warren buffett doesn't buy initial public offerings. if he doesn't do it, why should you? coming up, terror suspects tortured. a disturbing new report saying the defense department and cia forced doctors and health care professionals to do physical harm to detainees. stay with us. it's estimated that 30% of the traffic in a city is caused by people looking for parking. that's remarkable that so much energy is, is wasted. streetline has looked at the problem of parking, which has not been looked at for the last 30, 40 years, we wanted to rethink that whole industry, so we go and put out these sensors in each parking spot
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welcome back to "early start." the prosecution expected to wrap up its case this week against martin macneill. he is the utah doctor accused of killing his wife. the outcome in this case could hinge on the final witnesses. prison enmates who claim macneill confessed to them while he was serving time for forgery. macneill's daughters have already testified against him. prosecutors allege he killed his wife so he could be with his mistress. a 26-year-old colorado artist has been arrested for the attempted kidnapping of an 8-year-old aurora girl. investigators say john snorsky snatched the girl through her bedroom window. she managed to fight back and escape. police say the victim description and more than 2 million tips helped make an arrest so quickly. a new report claims the cia and defense defense forced military doctors and health professionals to breach ethics
when dealing with detainees. it is reported that since 2001, military health professionals have been ordered to design and participate in, quote, cruel inhumane and degrading treatment of detainees, including torture. the review concludes the practices are still in place today. that report is sure to get a lot of attention in the coming days. that's it for "early start." "new day" starts right now. >> hopefully, he's going to be all right. he's a great football man and a great person. >> breaking overnight, an nfl coach collapses on the sidelines. the team rushes to his aid t. second nfl health ska irthis week. the new details on an alleged exgunman from a woman
that knew him well. how long was he plotting the attack? she only talks to cnn. >> the trained divers on board leaping for their lives. we hear from one of the jumpers on board. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> this is "new day" with chris chrome, kate baldwin and mikalah per era. >> good morning. it is monday, 6:00 in the east. coming up, we will be talking elections. before you say it's a little early to be talking about the mid-terms, let alone 2016, it's all about moves that indicate later moves when it comes to politic, including election day for new jersey governor chris christieest. we also have a major senator essentially endorsing hillary clinton over the weekend. what does that mean?